What Is the Best Recipe for Baked Cod?


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The best recipes for baked cod usually include a savory crumb mixture that is put on top of the fish either before or during the baking process. Several food sites, such as Allrecipes.com, Food Network and Taste of Home, feature great recipes for baked cod.

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There are several variations of ingredients that are included in a baked cod crumb mixture, and some mixtures use crackers, while others use bread crumbs. The recipe at Allrecipes.com features a crumb mixture made with butter crackers, which are crushed and mixed with melted butter. Crackers create a crunchy texture, while bread crumbs create a softer texture. The Food Network recipe combines plain bread crumbs with garlic, lemon zest, salt and parsley, and the cod pieces are dipped in the mixture.

Some delicious baked cod recipes don't use crackers or bread crumbs to create a topping, instead using Parmesan cheese as a main ingredient. Top Secret Recipes and Taste of Home offer cooks two variations on baked cod with Parmesan cheese topping. Top Secret Recipes features a version that mimics the taste of a dish served at a popular seafood restaurant. Fresh tomato slices are placed on top of the cod, and Parmesan cheese is sprinkled on top. The alternative version combines Parmesan cheese with onions and Worcestershire sauce.

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