How Do You Read a Chart That Shows the Magnesium Content in Foods?


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To read a chart that shows the magnesium content in foods, find the name of the food on the chart, and move over to the next columns on the chart to read the nutritional content of the food. Although chart layouts differ, most include the food name followed by the serving size and magnesium content for the food.

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AlgaeCal.com’s List of Magnesium Rich Foods chart shows the foods high in magnesium followed by the serving size in the next column and the magnesium content in milligrams in the third column. For example, the chart lists the first magnesium-rich food on the chart, black beans, in the first column, followed by its serving size of one cup in the second column and the magnesium content of 120 milligrams in the third column.

Some charts also include the percent of daily value for the serving size of the magnesium-rich food. The National Institutes of Health offers a Selected Food Sources of Magnesium table on its website. To read the table, find the food and its serving size in the first column, the milligrams of magnesium provided per serving in the second column, and the percent of recommended daily value for that serving in the third column.

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