How Do I Read Beer Expiration Dates?


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To read the beer expiration date look on the bottom, side or label of the beer bottle or can. Companies' coding dates vary by manufacturer. The manufacturer's coding method is obtainable by contacting the company. The production date can also be used to estimate the expiration date.

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  1. Check the bottom, side or label of the beer bottle or can

    Canned beer lists the date on the bottom. Bottled beer shows the date on the label or side.

  2. Decode the date

    If the date is coded and not clear, check with the manufacturer for details on their coding method.

  3. Use the production date

    The production date can be used to determine the expiration. If the beer is American, then about four months after production would be the time of expiration. If the beer is foreign, then one year after production is the approximate expiration date.

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