Where Is RC Cola Distributed?


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The Dr. Pepper Snapple Group distributes RC Cola within the United States. Operating as Royal Crown Cola International, Cott Beverages distributes RC Cola outside the United States.

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Cott Beverages of Canada purchased most of the international RC-branded businesses in 2001. Cott Beverages distributes RC Cola in Canada, the United Kingdom and Latvia. The brewery A. Le Coq produces and sells RC Cola in Estonia.

Although the Texas-based Dr. Pepper Snapple Group owns RC Cola, RC Cola's factory is currently situated in Evansville, Indiana. Over the years, many beverage corporations have purchased and sold RC Cola. Most recently, Cadbury Schweppes acquired Royal Crown as part of its purchase of Snapple in 2001. When Cadbury Schweppes combined its beverage holdings in 2008, the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group formed.

The RC Cola International family of RC Cola products includes RC Cola, RC Zero, RC Cola Neo and RC Q, which is a rebranding of Nehi. RC Cola's founder, Claude Adkins Hatcher, introduced Nehi in 1920. Current RC Q flavors include apple, strawberry, lemon-lime, orange and lemon.

The Dr. Pepper Snapple Group's selection of RC Cola products includes RC Cola, RC Cola Diet, RC Cola Cherry and RC 10. RC Cola is available online via Amazon.com and Walmart.com as of 2016.

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