What Is the Ratio of Evaporated Milk to Karo Syrup When Making Your Own Baby Formula?

Some recipes call for two tablespoons of Karo syrup to one can of evaporated milk, while others call for one tablespoon to two cans. Purified water and light Karo syrup should be used in this recipe. According to Budget101.com, this recipe is not intended to fully replace a child's diet.

Recipes disagree regarding the ratio of Karo syrup to evaporated milk when making homemade baby formula. According to Budget101.com, homemade baby formula requires two cans of evaporated milk, 32 ounces of water and two tablespoons of Karo syrup; HowToDoThings.com, however, suggests mixing the two tablespoons of Karo syrup with one can of evaporated milk and 18 ounces of water. The water should be boiled and purified before using. Homemade baby formula should only given to children over the age of one year with a doctor's permission.