Is Quisp Cereal Still in Production?


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The Quaker Oat company still produces Quisp cereal, which it introduced in 1965. After a decline in popularity in the '70s, Quaker removed Quisp from shelves, but it reappeared in stores more than once during the following decades.

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Quaker briefly reintroduced Quisp cereal to stores in the 1980s. It then reappeared in stores in the 1990s, when the cereal's cult following helped it make another comeback. In 2001, Quaker relaunched Quisp through an Internet campaign, and it became available to order online. In 2012, Quisp made a full comeback, and it continues to be available on supermarket shelves as of 2015. Some of the stores that carry Quisp are SuperTarget, Dollar General and Food Lion.

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