What Are Some Quick and Easy Finger Foods for a Party?


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Fast and simple finger foods for parties can include dips, salsa, bruschetta, cheese balls, small sandwiches and more. Hosts generally serve a variety of appetizers to guests, meeting all taste preferences and dietary requirements. For a healthy, light offering, grilled fruit and vegetable sticks with dips, such as chive and garlic or sour cream and onion, make fast party favorites.

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What Are Some Quick and Easy Finger Foods for a Party?
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To encourage mingling among guests at parties, hosts might set out bowls of chips and sliced raw vegetables with assorted spreads. For summertime parties, salsas make nice accompaniments. Black pea and tomato or strawberry-avocado salsa served alongside tortilla chips make fast and simple appetizers. For vegetarians, hosts might offer spiced goat cheese in endives, guacamole or hummus made of roasted red pepper or black beans, along with pita slices or vegetable sticks. Offering gazpacho with shrimp, smoked salmon dip with crackers or mango and prosciutto bundles might satisfy seafood and meat lovers.

Food concoctions in "finger" style make for unique and easy appetizers too. Hosts might offer fried zucchini fingers, finger rolls — essentially tiny sandwiches of ham and cheese or tuna, sliced into strips — or even fingers with cheese, bacon and bananas for a hearty appetizer. For dessert, strips of no-bake chocolate bars, chocolate bruschetta, mini cheesecakes and chocolate or peppermint cookies along with chocolate-covered fruit or grilled fruit will be appreciated by guests.

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