What Questions Are Included on the TGI Friday's Online Survey?

TGI Friday's online survey asks questions about past dining experiences. Many questions are answered by selecting responses from a scale that include answers ranging from "Not at all helpful," to "Very helpful." Open-ended questions in which diners can elaborate on their experience are also posed. Additionally, the survey asks for identifying information such as the restaurant number, receipt number, date of visit and check total. Finally, diners are asked the likelihood of them referring TGI Friday's to a friend.

To complete TGI Friday's online survey, visit the Web address listed on the receipt. Type in the four-digit restaurant number and a valid email address, and select a preferred language. Enter the 12- to 20-digit survey code found on the receipt to unlock the survey questions.

TGI Friday's online surveys are often a chance to enter to win prizes. These prizes vary, but they often include gift cards, movie tickets, music downloads, free appetizers or money. After answering the survey questions, users are prompted to enter contact information so they can be reached in the event they win a prize. This information may include an email address, mailing address or phone number. In the case of a free appetizer, users are asked to write a code on their receipt and present it to the wait staff on their next trip to TGI Friday's.