What Are Some Quality Brands of Yellow Cake Mix?


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High quality yellow cake mixes include Betty Crocker Super Moist, Duncan Hines Moist Deluxe and Pillsbury Moist Supreme, according to Bon Appetit's 2011 list of the best yellow cake mixes. In 2013, Good Housekeeping heralded the homemade, subtly sweet flavor of King Arthur Flour All Natural Golden Vanilla.

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Duncan Hines Moist Deluxe Butter Recipe and Pillsbury Moist Supreme Classic Yellow were also rated among the best tasting options on the Good Housekeeping's list of cake mixes. Some of the healthiest options, as identified by Bon Appetit in 2011, included Dr. Oetker Organics, Arrowhead Mills Organic Vanilla and Cherrybrook Kitchen, thanks to these brands' lack of partially hydrogenate oil, artificial coloring and artificial flavors.

Consumers have several options for enhancing the flavor and quality of boxed cake mixes, including adding mix-ins such as dried fruit or chocolate chips. Other methods include swapping the oil for butter and doubling the fat, which gives the cake richer flavor. Using a flavored liquid in place of the water that most boxed cake recipes call for is another way to enhance the taste of boxed yellow cake. Some examples include coconut milk, buttermilk or regular milk. For a fluffier yellow cake, add one or two extra eggs to the batter, as recommended by The Huffington Post.

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