How Do You Put Together a Fruit Tray?


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A fruit tray is made by selecting colorful fruits, cutting them into pieces and arranging them on the tray. Unlike a fruit salad with pieces of fruit mixed, the fruit on a tray is grouped together so all of one kind of fruit is in a single area.

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How Do You Put Together a Fruit Tray?
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Fruit that lasts without turning brown, such as berries, melon and pineapple, is best for a fruit platter. Bananas and apples are examples of fruit that don't work well because they turn brown and mushy. The tray looks attractive with a variety of colors and types of fruit. Instead of choosing all berries, a person might add in pineapple and cantaloupe for variety.

All fruit should be washed before going on the tray. The preparation depends on the type of fruit. Pineapple and melons need to have the rinds removed before going on the tray. Strawberries may need stems or leaves removed. Small berries, such as raspberries and blueberries, don't need to be cut.

The tray should be large enough to hold all the fruit. A rimmed tray helps hold the fruit in place. Fruit is usually placed in clusters around the tray without any spaces between the types. The piles of fruits should be about the same height for the best presentation.

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