Why Do You Put Eggs in Cakes?

Eggs are used to bind the liquid and solid ingredients in a cake. They also add color, flavor and moisture to baked goods. While substitutes such as applesauce are sometimes used in baking, there is no perfect substitute for eggs.

Perfect cakes are fluffy, light and moist with a fine crumb. Eggs are used to achieve this texture. When eggs are not used, cakes often suffer from coarseness and dryness. Large eggs are the standard for baking; when a recipe does not specify the size of an egg, large (not jumbo) eggs should be used.

The right time to add eggs to a cake mix is right after the butter and sugar have been creamed together. Eggs, when added one by one, create an emulsion that is necessary for the integration of the dry ingredients.

Eggs are also an essential ingredient for glazing cakes. They provide the finishing touch: a golden exterior.

The white of the egg, when whipped and aerated, provides the loft in angel food cakes. Egg whites whipped with sugar create a meringue, which makes a wonderful topping for a lemon cake. In baking, the general rule is: the more egg whites, the lighter the cake, and the more yolks, the denser and richer it is.

Eggs are one of the most important ingredients in cake.