What Are Some Pumpkin Carving Pattern Ideas?


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Funny face pumpkins, etched pumpkins, eerie abodes, and Halloween car and camper pumpkins are some pumpkin carving pattern ideas. Others include skeleton key pumpkins, cage dwellers pumpkins, gourds in the graveyard, and Witch Jack-o'-Lanterns.

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A pumpkin carving can depict different personalities such as scary, sweet or silly. Creating a pumpkin design starts with choosing the right pumpkin. Next, use a sharp knife to make a lid for the pumpkin. Remove strings and seeds from the inside of the pumpkin. The best tool to use for this task is an ice cream scooper or a big spoon. Transfer the pattern, and carve away in gentle and slow motion. Finally, add lighting and shadows where necessary to make the pumpkin carvings as interesting as possible.

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