What Are the Pros and Cons of Kangen Water?

Some of the purported advantages of Kangen Water are its purity and high levels of alkaline molecules and anti-oxidants, according to the company. The water is also described as micro-clustered, which means that the molecules are clustered into groups that are more easily absorbed by cells in need of hydration. Critics have pointed out a lack of scientific basis for these alleged benefits, however, with some experts arguing that pH levels in the body are complex and should not be unilaterally alkaline.

The alkaline properties of Kangen Water are described by the manufacturer as crucial for promoting health. However, the notion of pH-balancing is largely based on misconceptions, such as the idea that cancer can only develop in acidic environments or that consumption of acidic foods and beverages leads to osteoporosis, muscle wear and kidney damage. The evidence to support these claims is severely lacking.

Kangen Water is often considered by medical professionals to be essentially useless. Claims made by the manufacturer are viewed as marketing tactics with little evidence to support them and little justification for the high price, notes Dr. Joseph Mercola. Worse, the phthalates absorbed by the water from the plastic bottles it is sold in can actually be damaging to health. Nevertheless, the anti-oxidant properties of Kangen Water may help to neutralize disease-causing free radicals.