What Is the Proper Way to Store Garlic Bulbs?


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To properly store garlic bulbs, remove any loose outer skin, place the bulbs loosely in mesh bags, and hang the bags in a cool, dark place. Alternatively, store the bags in the back of a cool kitchen cupboard.

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  1. Remove loose outer skins

    Gently rub the garlic bulbs to remove any of the outer papery skins that are loose. Do not pull off attached skin, or expose the bare cloves. Discard any damaged bulbs, or set them aside for immediate use.

  2. Place the bulbs in mesh bags

    Put small batches of garlic bulbs in individual mesh bags. Keep the bags loose so that air circulates around all the bulbs. If you store large quantities of garlic bulbs, hollow mesh rope is a good choice because it is easy to stuff, and can be cut off and tied to whatever size bag you need.

  3. Hang the bags in a cool, dark place

    The best temperature for storing garlic is between 32 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit. A dark, cool basement, lean-to or storage shed is a good place for hanging garlic. If no other options are available, store the garlic in the back of a cool kitchen cupboard. Well-stored garlic stays fresh for up to eight months.

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