What Is the Proper Internal Temperature for Cooked Pork?


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The minimum safe internal temperature for cooked ground pork is 160 degrees; for cooked fresh pork and cooked fresh ham, it is 145 degrees. For reheated, precooked ham, the minimum safe temperature is 140 degrees.

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Fresh pork and ham also need three minutes of rest time after cooking. During rest time, the meat's temperature remains the same or rises, providing protection from harmful bacteria.

In order to determine the meat's internal temperature, as the expected end of cooking time approaches, one should insert a food thermometer into the thickest part, including that of a patty formed from ground pork, and away from bone, fat and gristle. Food thermometers need to be washed with soap and hot water between each use.

The United States Department of Agriculture lowered the recommended minimum temperature for whole cuts of pork in 2011, from 160 to 145 degrees.

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