What Are Some Products That Sweets Kendamas Sells?


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Sweets Kendamas sells different types of kendamas, a wooden toy built from three pieces of wood tied together with string. The three parts of the kendama are the ken, the sarado and the tama.

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The ken features a small cup at the bottom and a tapered spike at the top. The sarado is made up of two opposing cones that hold a big cup and a small cup. The sarado is tied to the ken. A string attaches a ball called the tama to the other two parts.

Kendama players must use intense focus and strategy to properly play the game. The first goal of the game is to place each of the cups under the tama and catch it while using hands and knees to cushion the impact of the ball. With experience, players can learn how to juggle the ball from cup to cup. Advanced players can also use the ken's spike to catch the tama on a hole drilled in the ball.

Sweets Kendamas offers kendamas in a variety of sizes and with several different colors of tamas. Sweets Kendamas also sells kendama-related apparel for players, as well as accessories such as strings, key chains and posters.

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