What Are the Products Sold at Honeybaked Ham?


Honeybaked Ham focuses on ham and turkey products. It also sells other meats, desserts, side dishes and condiments. Honeybaked Ham sells its products through local stores, its online store and a mail order catalog.

Ham products offered at Honeybaked Ham include whole, half and mini hams. It also sells boneless hams and complete dinners. These dinners include ham, side dishes and desserts. Combination packages of both ham and turkey are also available.

Non-ham meats sold at Honeybaked Ham are turkey, beef and pork loin. These meats are also available in combination packages and complete dinners. Beef products offered include steaks, prime rib and brisket. Whole turkey and turkey breasts are some of the turkey items sold by Honeybaked Ham.

Honeybaked Ham's desserts include cakes and pies. It also sells brownies, cookies, chocolate and nuts in its dessert selection. Its cakes include cheesecake, mousse cake, pound cake and chocolate cake, and its pie flavors include pecan and key lime. Cookies are offered in a collection, and nuts and chocolates can be purchased in gift tins or as part of gift arrangements.

Appetizers sold at Honeybaked Ham include baked Brie, sweet potato puffs, macaroni and cheese bakes, and ham and cheese bites. Cheese trays and soup mixes are also available. Side dishes include scalloped potatoes, rice with broccoli and sweet potatoes. Honeybaked Ham also offers condiments such as mustard, horseradish and barbecue sauce.