What Products and Services Can Be Found at H Mart Korean Supermarket Chains?

What Products and Services Can Be Found at H Mart Korean Supermarket Chains?

H Mart sells a variety of traditional Korean foods, such as noodles, kimchi, seaweed, sauces and snacks. The supermarket also sells typical foods, such as produce, meat and beverages as well as appliances and health and beauty items. H Mart offers delivery service.

H Mart classifies its food items into 10 categories, as of 2015. In addition to the standard categories, such as beverages, sauces, rice and grains, and snacks, H Mart includes Korean-specific foods. For instance, the store sells several varieties of both ready-to-serve noodles and cooking noodles.

Another category that features a lot of Korean foods is the side dishes. In addition to the traditional kimchi, the supermarket carries items such as fried fish cakes, sliced squid and dried anchovy. Another category is dried food, which includes wild squid, sweet potato, squash, potato vines and banana chips. The store also sells many varieties of seaweed.

H Mart also sells non-food items, such as appliances, including electric grills and rice cookers. The supermarket carries several beauty items, including supplements and facial products. The children's section features blankets, chop sticks and toys.

The story offers delivery service. H Mart delivers to the 48 contiguous states via United Parcel Service. Shipping costs are calculated according shipping zones or weight, depending on the order value. The store also charges extra to ship refrigerated items.