What Products Are Needed in Order to Make Beef Jerky?

Home made beef jerky requires a number of ingredients, such as flank steak, soy sauce, honey, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, red pepper flakes, onion powder and liquid smoke. Certain cooking equipment (bungee cords, paper air conditioning filters and a box fan) is also needed in order to dry the meat. Homemade beef jerky can take up to 12 hours to fully dry.

While not especially difficult to make, beef jerky does require a lot of care and attention. A fridge and freezer are both needed, as the meat should be frozen for a few hours initially before being marinated with all the other ingredients in the fridge for at least 6 hours.

Drying the meat requires that the special equipment (fan, air conditioning filters and bungee cords) are set up correctly.

The meat should be placed as evenly as possible into the filters. Once placed, the filters should be stacked on top of each other.

The bungee cords are used to secure the filters (containing the meat) to the box fan. The fan itself needs to be placed upright, so that the air blows through the filters and dries the meat.

It is advisable to set the fan on medium speed for the best results.

Plastic containers are also useful to have, as they can be used to store the meat once it is dried.