What Products Does Diestel Family Turkey Ranch Offer?

What Products Does Diestel Family Turkey Ranch Offer?

Deli meats, such as pre-sliced turkey, ham and beef, raw and cooked whole turkeys, and ground turkey meat are some products that the Diestel Family Turkey Ranch offers. The company also offers turkey roasts, turkey tenderloins and organic burgers.

The Diestel Family Turkey Ranch features a selection of products in several categories. The selection of deli meats, for instance, includes pre-sliced non-GMO turkey and organic turkey, smoked turkey breast, chipotle turkey, and black forest turkey. Raw or cooked organic oven-roasted, pasture-raised, and American heirloom are three varieties of whole turkeys that the Diestel Family Turkey Ranch sells.

There are also turkey alternatives to cured deli meats and ingredients, such as turkey chorizo, turkey sausage logs and turkey sausage links, as well as traditional cured deli meats, such as honey ham, pastrami and roast beef.

The Roasting Specialties category on DiestelTurkey.com includes brined turkey roasts, all dark meat, all white meat and bone-in breast roasts. Fully cooked drumsticks and thighs are among the Grilling Favorites category.

Organic white meat, organic dark meat, Italian, and breakfast are some flavors of ground turkey on DiestelTurkey.com. Many of the company's products are gluten-free, contain no artificial ingredients, sweeteners, hormones or antibiotics.

The Diestel Family Turkey Ranch is a sustainable farm that is Global Animal Partnership-rated. The Diestel Family Turkey Ranch's website is for information only. The company sells its products through participating vendors. There is a vendor locator on DiestelTurkey.com under Diestel Products and Find Diestel Locally.