How Do You Price Items for a Bake Sale?


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Good pricing for a bake sale is based on knowing the cost of ingredients and setting a fundraising goal. Combining package sales with sales of items and auctions for larger items gives more people an opportunity to support your fundraiser in their price range.

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Common strategies for pricing bake sale items include charging one dollar per small item, setting up tables of identically-priced packages and samplers, and selling items such as cakes and pies whole. However, depending on venue, this system of pricing may freeze people out – especially at school fundraisers – and leave your organization short of its goal with leftovers to clean up.

Another strategy for keeping prices low and meeting your fundraising goal is to base prices on the total cost of ingredients. This cost becomes your minimum goal. For instance, if the cost of ingredients for a batch of 200 cookies is $5.25 (2.6 cents a cookie), price the cookies to insure that you raise at least this much for the fundraiser. Charging a nickel per cookie, assuming they all sell, makes $11 for the fundraiser. To get a fair donation for a cake that cost $8 to make, cut it into eight one-dollar slices.

Another strategy is to solicit donations of whole items such as pies and cakes to sell at auction. Set minimum bids based on the cost of ingredients.

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