Are Pretzels Healthy?

pretzels-healthy Credit: Daniel R. Blume/CC-BY-SA 2.0

While pretzels contain one-tenth the amount of fat found in potato chips, they offer no nutritional value. They are high in sodium, with one serving providing 25 percent of a person's suggested daily sodium allowance. Most are made with white flour, which also causes a spike in blood sugar.

Pretzels flavored with sugar have a higher caloric content. Pretzels are often eaten with barbecue, mustard or honey-mustard dips, which also makes them more fattening.

Whole-wheat pretzels are healthier than regular pretzels made with enriched white flour. Unsalted pretzels cut the sodium content of the snack by 50 percent. In general, pretzel varieties that are lower in fat and calories are healthier.