What Is Pressure Frying?


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Pressure frying uses a sealed cooker that brings the meat and hot oil to a higher temperature so it cooks more rapidly. For example, chicken cooked in a pressure fryer reaches an internal temperature of roughly 250°F, or 120°C. The internal temperature for regular frying reaches roughly 220°F, or 100°C.

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Though not any healthier than regular deep-fat frying, pressure frying does prevent the chicken from soaking up cooking oil. It also produces a moister product because the pressure inhibits steam from forming and escaping from inside the meat. Vegetable oils are preferred because they don't mix with the steam, providing a crisper, tastier product.

The average cooking time for chicken is 15 minutes, making pressure frying attractive to the restaurant trade. Kentucky Fried Chicken, now called KFC, was one of the first companies to use this technology.

Pressure frying is done in pressure fryers designed for the purpose. Using regular pressure cookers is not advised because they have rubber seals that don't stand up to the hot oil. They can explode. Most pressure fryers are designed for the commercial trade, but smaller versions intended for RVs and home use are put out by firms such as Fagor and Rapid Chef.

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