What Are Pressure Canning Tables?


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A pressure canning table is a chart published by the U.S, Department of Agriculture that indicates the proper time and pressure needed to can foods safely in a pressure canner. Time and pressure differs according to acid levels of the foods and the type of pressure gauge being used.

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The table is organized by low-acid foods and acid foods, how the food is packed (hot or raw), and the size of the jar (usually a pint or quart). Look up the food in the first column, and then read across the chart from left to right to look up the pounds of pressure needed and the time required for either a dial-gauge canner or a weighted pressure canner. For example, the chart indicates that applesauce packed hot into pint jars needs eight minutes at 6 pounds of pressure in a dial-gauge canner or eight minutes at 10 pounds of pressure in a weighted gauge canner.

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