How Do You Prepare Salted Herring Fish?

To prepare a salted herring for use in a recipe, remove the head by cutting below the upper fins, and open the skin along the bottom of the fish. Use the sharp edge of the knife to remove the pink-colored material inside the fish and to scrape the stomach area until it is clean. Cut along the backbone gently to remove it, remove the skin, and remove large sections of bones. Remove the remaining bones from the fillet manually.

Place the fish on paper towels to prepare it. The fish is often soaked in water for 12 hours or overnight to remove some of the salt. Drain the fish, and use paper towels to pat it dry after soaking. After the fillets are de-boned, use the fish to make appetizers or other dishes.

Salted herring is often served with curry sauce. To make traditional Russian herring salad, layer boiled, grated potatoes, mayonnaise, green onion, salted herring, boiled, grated carrots and boiled beets. Top the salad with a layer of mayonnaise, and chill the salad for several hours before serving it.

Salted herring fillets are also served with onions and toasted bread as an appetizer. In Finland, herring is baked into a pudding with eggs and bread and served as a main course.