How Do You Prepare Persimmons?


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Prepare persimmons for cooking by removing the calyx, peeling the skin and cutting the fruit into segments. After that, you can broil, slow-cook or puree them, eat them out of hand, or dry them.

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Persimmons are excellent in cookies, cakes, chutneys, curries and jellies. They are also useful when it comes to making persimmon butter. In Korea, people use dried persimmons to make a punch called sujeonggwa.

Many people prefer persimmons when they are almost rotten ripe and at peak sweetness. This is especially true of the Hachiya persimmon. The Fuyu variety is sweeter and is tasty when it's not as ripe. To make persimmons ripen faster, place them in a container with apples or other fruits that give off ethylene gas.

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