How Do You Prepare Kimchi?


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PBS publishes a recipe for kimchi that was featured in David Chang's show "The Mind of a Chef." The recipe calls for ingredients such as napa cabbage, scallions, garlic, onion and ginger as well as dried Korean hot pepper, rice powder, anchovy sauce, salted shrimp and canned pineapple.

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Thoroughly wash 1 head of napa cabbage, and chop the leaves into squares. Add a scoop of cabbage to a large bowl, and salt generously. Add another layer of cabbage and salt, repeating the process with the rest of the cabbage. Allow to rest for two hours.

Use a blender to combine 1/2 head of peeled garlic, 1 small onion, 1/2 small piece of ginger, 1/2 tablespoon of salted shrimp and 2 slices of canned pineapple. Pour the mixture into a bowl, and add 4 chopped scallions, 1/4 cup of anchovy sauce, 1/2 cup of ground dried hot pepper powder and 1 tablespoon of rice powder, stirring to combine.

After two hours, rinse the salted cabbage with water, then combine the rinsed cabbage with the hot pepper powder mixture in a large bowl. Mix thoroughly so all the cabbage is coated. Transfer the cabbage to a clean jar, and allow to sit out for a minimum of 48 hours, then refrigerate.

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