How Do You Prepare Bacon Jelly?


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You can prepare bacon jelly by first cooking the bacon in a large skillet, adding a mix of ingredients (typically brown sugar and maple syrup), slow cooking the mixture for nearly four hours and then pulsing it in a food processor. Then refrigerate for one month in airtight containers.

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Specific recipes for bacon jelly call for different ingredients to be added after the bacon has been cooked. Martha Stewart, for example, advises the following ingredients: shallots, garlic, brown sugar, sherry vinegar, chili powder and bourbon. Another popular recipe from Top Chef finalist Kevin Gillespie advises the following ingredients: onion, brown sugar, chicken broth and Espelette pepper. To get the right mix of sweet and savory, some recipes also call for Dijon mustard, Worcestershire sauce or balsamic vinegar.

In preparing the bacon jelly, chefs also differ on how long the slow cooked mixture should be pulsed in a food processor, as well as how long it should be refrigerated afterwards. The general rule of thumb is that the pulsed mixture must be refrigerated for at least two to four weeks before consumption. The preparation of bacon jelly is the same as the preparation of bacon jam, as most people refer to "bacon jam" and "bacon jelly" interchangeably.

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