What Are Some Premium Bourbon Whiskeys?


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Some bourbons that continue to gain market share in the premium segment are Maker's Mark, Woodford Reserve and Knob Creek. Other craft labels, such as Willet, Wathen's and Blanton's, also continue to gain popularity.

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The "brown spirits" market segment has continued to post considerable year-over-year growth throughout the past decade. While names such as Jim Beam and Jack Daniels continue to dominate the market in terms of volume, other distillers have begun to outpace these blue-chip brands.

Some of these brands have been broadly distributed for some time and have strong recognition among the casual consumer. Maker's Mark, as an example, has enjoyed nearly nationwide distribution for over a decade. Knob Creek and Woodford Reserve have demonstrated a similar trajectory.

However, with increasing demand for craft-style spirits and an increasingly prominent cocktail culture in the United States, other smaller distilleries have started to exert a considerable impact on the market. Some examples of these seemingly explosive brands include Willett, Wathen's and Blanton's. In addition to these true bourbons (which are produced exclusively in Kentucky), other bourbon-style whiskeys produced outside of Kentucky are beginning to garner praise and gain market share. Good examples of popular non-Kentucky bourbon-style whiskeys are Bulliet and High West, both from Indiana and both of which have very popular rye whiskeys.

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