How Do You Pour a Black and Tan Drink?

How Do You Pour a Black and Tan Drink?

To pour a black and tan, fill a pint glass half full with a pale ale or lager, and then pour a layer of stout beer on top. Bass ale and Guinness stout are the traditional choices, but any combination of light-colored beer and stout beer works.

  1. Get everything ready

    Get one soup spoon, one pint glass, one can or bottle of pale ale or lager and one can of cold stout beer. The stout must come in a can, because canned stouts use nitrogen gas for carbonation, which is needed for the layering of the beers.

  2. Pour the first layer

    Tilt the pint at a slight angle, and pour the light-colored layer against the side of the glass. Pour the beer quickly enough to end up with a head of foam about 1-inch thick. The foam helps to keep the layers separate.

  3. Pour the second layer

    Place the glass on a flat surface, and hold the spoon face down over the mouth of the glass. Angle the spoon so that it almost touches the foam. Slowly pour the stout beer over the spoon's center. The stout should run over the sides of the spoon and build a layer on top of the light-colored beer.