What Are Potato Pancakes?


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Potato pancakes are a traditional potato dish in various cultures around the world and are generally made using potatoes, eggs and flour. Depending on the recipe and culture of origin, extra flavor is added in the form of onion, garlic or other seasoning, prior to adding toppings.

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What Are Potato Pancakes?
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Typical toppings include sour cream, smoked salmon, apple sauce and chives.

Several cultural groups, such as the Swiss, Koreans and Jews, have unique presentation and cooking recipes. The Swiss serve their version of the potato pancake in the size of whatever pan it is cooked. The Swiss version can include bacon, cheese and apple. The Korean version, called Gamjajeon, is typically made by adding hot peppers into the potato pancake mixture. The Jewish version, called latkes, is traditionally fried for Hanukkah.

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