Is It Possible to Freeze Spaghetti Squash?

Cooked spaghetti squash does freeze well. After cooking the squash, cut it in half lengthwise, remove the seeds and use a fork to rake through the pulp to separate it into spaghetti-like strands. To keep spaghetti squash leftovers for later use, place it in a plastic container or resealable freezer bag, sealing the container and placing it into the freezer.

There are many different ways to cook squash, such as baking, steaming, in a slow cooker, boiling or using a microwave. Each method will require different cooking times. For example, if baking spaghetti squash, it can take about an hour to cook the squash at a temperature of 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

When buying squash, it is a good idea to make sure it is firm and has a weight of about four pounds. This yields about 5 cups of spaghetti squash.