What Are Some Popular Ways to Cook Vietnamese Food?


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Popular ways to cook Vietnamese food include frying, stewing and slow cooking. Cooking with a hot pot is also common. Steaming and simmering are other popular methods for cooking Vietnamese foods.

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What Are Some Popular Ways to Cook Vietnamese Food?
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Vietnamese cooks often use a wok or non-stick saucepan for frying foods. This requires adding oil to the wok or pan and heating it over medium to high heat. When the oil is hot enough to brown a cube of bread in 15 seconds, it is hot enough to add food for cooking. This cooking method is suitable for frying fish, meat, bread, vegetables, chicken and other foods.

モKhoヤ refers to stewed or braised dishes. Preparing kho involves cooking foods in a mildly sweet and thick reddish-brown sauce that contains fish sauce and caramelized sugar.

The most common vessel for simmering foods, which is similar to making a stew, is a clay pot. White rice or warmed bread are common accompaniments for stewed dishes. Vegetables and beef, fish or chicken are the main ingredients in stewed dishes.

モLao,ヤ steamboat or hot pot dishes are a type of Vietnamese fondue in which foods simmer in a metal pot that the host often places in the middle of the dining table. The cook puts the ingredients in the pot and cooks them on the table. Hot pot is common in the wintertime or for any gatherings. Foods in a hot pot may include wontons, egg dumplings, mushrooms, seafood and leafy vegetables.

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