What Are Some Popular Types of Popcorn?

What Are Some Popular Types of Popcorn?

Types of popcorn include butterfly kernels, mushroom kernels, rainbow blend and midnight blue. Butterfly kernels are irregularly shaped, with wings that protrude from each kernel.

Butterfly popcorn is light, fluffy and tender. Because the non-uniform shape takes up more space, less popcorn is needed to fill containers, making butterfly popcorn the variety most often used at carnivals, movie theaters and stadiums.

Mushroom kernels are larger, ball-shaped and compact. They are less fragile than butterfly kernels, and are used in kettle corn and in gourmet popping, such as caramel and cheese popcorn.

Rainbow blend is a mix of various types of popcorn, with smaller-sized kernels. The popped corn may produce slightly different colors, depending on the types in the mix.

Midnight blue popcorn has very small kernels that are blue in color.The popped corn is white, but the blue hulls are still visible, giving the popcorn a slightly blue tint. This variety is crunchy, while the hulls remain soft.