What Are Some Popular Types of Mushrooms?


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Some popular types of mushrooms include chanterelles, white mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, portobello mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms. The cremini mushroom, which is light to dark brown, is actually a younger version of the portobello.

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Chanterelles are funnel-shaped mushrooms prized for their fragrance. They have funnels on the underside instead of gills. White mushrooms are the most widely used mushrooms and are easily found in most supermarkets. Grayish-white oyster mushrooms may resemble the bivalve, but they have a peppery taste.

Portobello mushrooms can have enormous caps and are often used as meat substitutes. The tough stems are cut off before cooking, and some people also scrape out the gills. Shiitake mushrooms are used often in Asian cooking and are found fresh or dried.

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