What Are Some Popular Types of English Food?

What Are Some Popular Types of English Food?

One of the most popular types of English food is mince pie. Other common English foods include fish and chips, Yorkshire pudding and pork pie, according to ListVerse.com.

Mince pie is a traditional Christmas food that used to always be filled with mincemeat. However, a more updated version contains simply a mixture of fat, dried fruits, brandy and spices. It is often paired with a scoop of clotted cream and is best served fresh out of the oven.

Fish and chips consists of battered and fried fish, usually cod, and the English chip, which is more than just an average French fry. Chips are larger than French fries and have a different, softer texture than other fries.

Yorkshire pudding is not a pudding at all; smaller versions tend to resemble more of a dinner roll and are often served with roasts and other meats. When they rise, they are light and crisp. If made incorrectly, they resemble more of a hockey puck and are hard.

Another English favorite is the pork pie. Most pork pies are filled with chopped pork and are wrapped in a crust of brittle pastry. One variety of a pork pie is the picnic pie, which is topped with fruit, while the gala pie has boiled egg in the filling.