What Are Some Popular Types of Colombian Dishes?

What Are Some Popular Types of Colombian Dishes?

Some popular Colombian dishes are bandeja paisa, sancocho, arepas and fritanga. Bandeja paisa and fritanga are larger meals with lots of meat, while sancocho is a stew-like soup dish, and arepas are a common side dish and snack.

Bandeja paisa, considered by many to be Colombia's national dish, consists of a platter with a variety of meats and sides. The meats usually include a grilled steak, a large fried pork rind known as chicharron and chorizo sausages. They are served alongside a bed of rice, red beans, fried sweet plantain banana chips, a fried egg and a wedge of avocado.

Sancocho is a common soup made with ingredients that vary by region. It generally includes chicken, plantains, yucca, cilantro, corn and potatoes, but the ingredients vary depending on what is available. It is usually served with plain white rice.

Arepas are a common side dish to meals and are also enjoyed as a snack on their own. Arepas are small breads made from cornmeal. They are usually served with butter, corn or cheese if not served plain.

Fritanga is a platter of grilled meat such as chicken, beef, ribs and fried cow intestines. The platter may also include arepas, small potatoes, corn on the cob, fried bananas or manioc. The entire platter is covered in aji sauce.