What Are Some Popular Sugar-Free Alton Brown Dessert Recipes?


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The Food Network lists two popular Alton Brown sugar-free dessert recipes: crepes, and fruit salad with vanilla dressing. The Cooking Channel lists one: stacked puff pastry with cherries.

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The recipe for Alton Brown's crepes on The Food Network is an intermediate level recipe that makes either basic or savory crepes in one hour and 25 minutes. The recipe makes 17 to 22 crepes. Crepes made from the basic recipe are versatile and can be filled with any food you choose from ricotta cheese to spicy chicken. Salt, fresh herbs, spinach or sun-dried tomatoes can be added to the basic batter to make savory crepes.

Alton Brown's fruit salad with vanilla dressing shown on the Food Network is an easy recipe that takes 25 minutes and makes enough for four to six servings. It is a perfect finish to a summer meal or for a potluck supper.

The recipe for stacked puff pastry with cherries on the Cooking Channel is an intermediate level recipe that takes one hour and 15 minutes, and makes four servings. Store-bought puff pastry and canned pie cherries simplify the recipe. When purchasing the pie filling, be sure to find the sugar-free variety.

Detailed videos narrated by Alton Brown accompany both the crepe and fruit salad recipes on the Food Network.

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