What Are Some Popular Soy Snacks?


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Some popular soy snacks include chips and crisps such as SoyCrisps, made by Genisoy, dry-roasted edamame products such as those manufactured by Seapoint Farms, and sweetened nutrition bars such as SoyJoy’s baked whole soy and fruit bars.

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Most popular soy snacks have adopted forms similar to conventional snacks to make them more immediately familiar to consumers. For instance, Genisoy’s crisps look and taste similar to bite-size popcorn cakes. Varieties include many familiar flavors such as barbecue, salt and vinegar, and ranch. While they are sold in supermarkets, Genisoy products are also available direct from the manufacturer in individual bags or by the case.

Another popular kind of soy snack is dry roasted edamame (whole soy beans), such as those manufactured by Seapoint Farms. Sold alone or in nutritional blends similar to trail mix, roasted soy beans are crunchy and taste like roasted peanuts. Made from green and black edamame and available in grocery stores in varieties such as spicy wasabi and goji blend, Seapoint Farms soy snacks are also available from online retailers such as Amazon.com.

In addition to savory snacks, popular sweet soy snacks include nutrition bars such as those manufactured by SoyJoy, made from baked soy beans and fruit. Similar to products such as NutriGrain and Clif energy bars, typical varieties include cranberry, banana and mango-coconut.

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