What Are Some Popular Recipes Using Ripened Avocado?


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Recipes that feature ripened avocado as an ingredient include avocado salad, avocado and olive quesadillas and pasta with creamy avocado sauce. These recipes require one or two firm, ripe avocados of medium or large size.

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The stars of the avocado salad recipe are two large avocados and a sweet onion, either Vidallia or Walla Walla. Other ingredients in this fresh salad are a green bell pepper and a ripe tomato, with cilantro and lime juice providing Tex-Mex flavor. Ripened avocado and black olives are combined with red bell pepper, red onion and spices to make a great filling for quesadillas. This meatless Mexican food recipe also uses pepper Jack cheese and flour tortillas.

Cooks puzzling over what to do with ripe avocados can opt to use them to make a tasty sauce that is served over pasta noodles. Creamy avocado sauce takes minutes to prepare and includes garlic, basil and lemon juice.

A ripe avocado is one that easily gives way when gently squeezed, but is still somewhat firm. Squeezing the fruit is the only method for determining how ripe it is, since ripe avocados have light and dark skin. Fruit that is too soft or has dark blemishes is not good for eating. A good way to preserve ripe avocado for later use is to cut it, peel it and freeze it.

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