What Are Some Popular Products Made by US Foods?

What Are Some Popular Products Made by US Foods?

US Foods supplies the restaurant industry with many popular product brands, including Monarch, Stockyards, Harbor Banks, Devonshire and Cross Valley Farms. The first two brands have been food service industry staples for over a century.

At over 150 years old, Monarch brand shelf-stable food products are the senior members of the US Foods product line. The line has over 300 pantry staples, including ketchup, salad dressing and cooking sauces. Monarch's history began by supplying food staples such as flour, sugar and bacon to wagon trains heading west during the gold rush of the 1850s.

The Stock Yards brand has been supplying midwestern corn-fed meats to restaurants for over 120 years. It is known for its hand-trimmed and aged steaks and chops.

Harbor Banks supplies seafood products harvested from domestic and international waters. It is an industry leader in third-party product quality testing, including DNA species testing as well as those for product weight and moisture content. The company's quality controls are designed to provide a more consistent product to food purveyors.

For aesthetically appealing and tasty desserts, many restaurants use the Devonshire line of products. Fresh baked flavor is Devonshire's goal for its products that include mini red velvet cakes, caramel apple pie and black currant cheesecake.

Cross Valley Farms provides fresh fruits and vegetables that are tested to the highest safety standards.