What Are Some Popular Meat Cuts?


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Popular meat cuts include filet mignon, New York strip and porterhouse. Flank and hanger are also popular cuts of beef. Hanger is also known as butcher’s steak.

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Filet mignon, also called tenderloin steak, is one of the more expensive delicacies as far as steak is concerned. It includes the best and supplest meat of the steer in a long strip of meet. There are only about 7-15 pounds of this cut on a 1,000 pound steer. A flank steak, also called a jiffy steak, takes meet from the belly muscle of the steer. Since it can be tough, it needs to be marinated and tenderized before cooking.

New York strip, sometimes referred to as top loin steak, comes from the top of the short loin. It is often used in steak and seafood restaurants. The porterhouse steak is cut from the loin of the steer.

Thick steaks, like T-Bone or New York strip, do well on the grill or in the broiler, as they can withstand the heat. Boneless steak does well as a pan-fry.

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