What Is the Most Popular Marinade for Rib-Eye Steaks?


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The most popular marinade for rib-eye steaks is a savory garlic blend, according to user ratings at allrecipes.com. A basic blend is made with minced garlic, soy sauce, onion powder, olive oil and honey, with black pepper and salt to taste. More tender cuts of beef, such as the rib-eye, are best cooked by grilling or saut?ing.

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The flavor profile of beef blends well with several ingredients, among them are garlic, onion, thyme, rosemary, salt, pepper, red wine, mushrooms, and balsamic vinegar. Marinades help enhance the cut of any meat in two ways, the first being that they combine an acidic element (such as vinegar or fruit juice) which makes the meat softer, rendering it easy to cut and chew. The second effect infuses the meat with additional flavors.

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