What Are Some Popular Jell-O Flavors?


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More than 25 Jell-O flavors are made by Kraft Foods in 2015. Jell-O flavors include cherry, black cherry, lime, orange, peach and mango. Jell-O instant and cook-and-serve pudding dessert flavors include banana cream, butterscotch, chocolate, pistachio and coconut cream.

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Discontinued Jell-O gelatin dessert flavors include apple, cola, cotton candy, mixed vegetable and celery.

Jell-O brand dessert mix comes in sugar-sweetened and sugar-free varieties. Pre-made Jell-O gelatin is available in single-serving snack cups. The Jell-O brand appears on sugared and sugar-free pudding mixes and a range of no-bake dessert mixes.

The fruit-flavored gelatin dessert that would become Jell-O was invented by a carpenter in LeRoy, New York. Jell-O branded gelatin dessert mix was introduced to the American public in 1897. Jell-O pudding mixes debuted in 1936. As of 2015, Jell-O brand foods are made by the Kraft-General Foods company in Dover, Delaware.

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