What Are Some Popular Ice Cream Flavors?

According to a survey done by Vision Critical and Yahoo in 2014, some of the most popular ice cream flavors include chocolate, cookies and cream, vanilla, cookie dough and mint chocolate chip. Four out of the five top flavors have chocolate in some form, while in the number three spot, vanilla is a favorite. The rest of the top 10 list includes strawberry, butter pecan, rocky road, coffee and a combined "other" category.

Another survey done by the website The Top Tens also lists some of the same favorite ice creams, but in a slightly different order. Its top five flavors are cookies and cream, chocolate, mint chocolate chip, vanilla and cookie dough. Top Ten lists chocolate chip cookie dough flavor at number six and strawberry at number seven. Rocky road, another mint and coffee make up the rest of the list.

Individual store brands sometimes conduct their own surveys, such as Ben and Jerry's. In 2014, their most popular flavor was Half Baked, a combination of brownies and cookie dough. Cherry Garcia, made of cherry flavored ice cream, cherries and chocolate chunks, was number two. Chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate fudge brownie and Phish Food make up the rest of the top five. Chocolate is the common theme in these flavors, including the fudge fish in Phish Food.