What Are Some Popular Guyana Foods?

Popular foods in Guyana include stews, curry dishes and chicken served with rice and beans. Cook-up rice is a Guyanese dish that is similar to rice and peas, and it is often served alongside fried fish.

The national Dish of Guyana is pepperpot, and it is often served on special occasions such as Christmas. Pepper pot is stewed meat that includes ingredients such as cinnamon, Caribbean peppers and a cassava root sauce called cassareep.

Metemgee is another popular Guyanese stew that often contains okra, plantains, dumplings and yams. It may also contain cassava, and the broth is usually spicy and coconut milk-based. Metemgee may be served with cassava bread, another popular food in Guyana.

Many Guyanese people enjoy dishes influenced by Chinese cuisine, such as lo mein and chow mein. Guyanese-style fried rice is also common. Foo-foo is a Guyanese specialty made by deep frying plantains into a crispy cake. Split pea soup is a favorite dish among Guyanese people, and it often contains bacon strips, animal fat, yams and peppers.

Some popular beverages in Guyana include wine made from pineapples and peanut punch, which is a mixture of peanut butter, sugar and milk. Papaw milkshakes are made from papaya, and mauby is a spicy and fruity drink that is similar to root beer, made from tree bark.