What Are Some Popular Fresh Vegetables?


Potatoes, tomatoes, onions and head lettuce are some of most popular vegetables in the United States, with residents consuming about 25 pounds of fresh potatoes and another 25 pounds of dehydrated, frozen or canned potatoes annually. They also consume several pounds each year in the form of potato chips.

The second most popular vegetable as of 2015 is the tomato. Americans consume over 30 pounds of tomatoes annually, although over 18 of those pounds are from canned tomatoes. The primary reason for its popularity among Americans is its use in pizza sauce, but fresh tomatoes also appear on hamburgers and in many restaurant salads.

Nearly all the onions consumed in the United States are purchased fresh. These vegetables have under 70 calories per cup and are high in fiber. They are a good source of vitamin C and the B-vitamin folate.

Americans also consume about 17 pounds of iceberg lettuce each year. While it is a fresh vegetable, iceberg lettuce is primarily water. The bland green leafy vegetable is almost void of nutrition. While many darker greens do not grow in the compact head of iceberg lettuce, they are much higher in nutrition. Possible substitutions include kale, Swiss chard, spinach and red or green leaf lettuce. All are low in calories but higher in vitamins and other nutrients than iceberg.