What Are Some Popular Foods in Albania?

Albanian cuisine features meats and vegetables in most dishes, and some popular options are stuffed vegetables, stews, casseroles and meatballs. Salads are also popular, and they are often made from local tomatoes, cucumbers, olives and green peppers. Olive oil, salt and either lemon juice or vinegar is the preferred dressing.

Nearly all Albanian meals are served with either wheat or corn bread. Frequently eaten appetizers include chicken livers, dolma, pickled cabbage and stuffed peppers. Albanian people often serve their meals with fried sardines and lemon. Bean or potato salads are popular as well.

Soup is a common dish, with some of the most popular being potato and cabbage soup, a yogurt-based soup called tarator, and a white bean and tomato soup. Some dinner foods include veal and lima beans, Mediterranean seafood, and boiled sheep, cow or pig's head. Sheep's head is used to make soup on occasion.

Albanian food is often seasoned heavily with garlic and chili peppers. Lemon juice, yogurt and vinegar also add flavor. Spices are usually used sparingly and on their own to prevent clashing flavors. Albanians enjoy drinking buttermilk, and there are many types of cheeses from Albania. For dessert, pudding, baklava and cookies are popular choices. Albania is known for delicious seasonal fruits, which are often served fresh after a meal.