What Are Some of the Most Popular Foods in Alabama?

popular-foods-alabama Credit: John Svoboda/Photolibrary/Getty Images

Some of the most popular foods in Alabama include fried chicken, biscuits, green beans, crab cakes and banana pudding. The foods favored in this Southern state are full of flavor and steeped in tradition, with many dishes having been passed down through generations.

Alabama's cuisine is varied and rich. As with many other states in the South, the food in Alabama is heavily influenced by the crops which have been grown there for years. Foods like green beans, sweet potatoes, okra and grits are often found on many Alabama tables.

Along the coast, fresh seafood is a popular choice for Alabama residents. Boiled shrimp, fried fish and crab cakes are all popular choices in coastal areas of the state.

Barbecue, another Southern staple, is also popular in the state. Barbecued meats, such as pork and chicken, are often served with crispy coleslaw and thick buttered bread. The state has its own official barbecue championship, which is known as the "Christmas on the River Cook-off."

Popular desserts in Alabama include peach cobbler, pecan pie and banana pudding, which is made from vanilla pudding mix, sliced bananas and wafer cookies. Fried pies, which are crescent-shaped pastries filled with fruit and deep-fried, likely originated in Alabama, and they remain a favorite food.