What Are Some Popular Filipino Dishes?

Chicken adobo, pork lechon, kare-kare, lumpia and pansit are some popular Filipino dishes. Recipes for these and other traditional Filipino foods are available on FilipinoRecipeSite.com.

Adobo is a type of stew or marinated meat dish made using garlic, black pepper, vinegar and bay leaf. Regional additions, such as soy sauce, onion and coconut, are also popular. The dish is often made with chicken or pork, though any type of meat may be used.

Pork lechon is traditionally a dish for special occasions. Lechon consists of a whole pig, stuffed and roasted over a spit. The stuffing varies regionally, and may consist of an cactus plant called karimbuwaya, or a mixture of salt, pepper and herbs such as lemongrass, garlic and anise. Sometimes lechon is served with vinegar or a pig's blood sauce for dipping.

Kare-kare is an oxtail stew made with peanut sauce, vegetables and banana. Kare-kare was influenced by an Indian vegetable stew dish called kaikaari. In Filipino cuisine, the dish is often made with Chinese vegetables, such as long beans and eggplant, as well as shrimp paste. Sometimes tripe is included along with the oxtail.

Lumpia are Filipino spring rolls. They may be filled with a variety of meats and vegetables, and served fresh or deep-fried. Pansit describes noodles, which may be served in various forms and flavors.